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K2 is a low-code platform for developing business process applications. Are you not using K2 yet? Congratulations: you still have a lot to win! Read here why we believe in K2 and what your organization is missing without using the platform.

A native app offers many advantages over a web app:

  • The interface provides the speed and the look and feel that users of mobile apps are used to,
  • The failure sensitivity is very low and updates are easy to manage and roll out,
  • Telephone functionalities such as the camera, the photo gallery and the location data are easily integrated.

The K2 Mobile app from K2 is not a native app but is based on web pages. In our network of K2 customers, there was therefore a demand for a native app that would match the wishes and requirements of the end users.

K2 Business Apps can be used offline. The app synchronizes local stored information at a chosen time.

K2 Business Apps uses the same user roles and user rights as the underlying K2 SmartForms. The user only has to authenticate once to gain access to all apps that are assigned to his user role.

K2 Business Apps is one native app that gives access to all web forms to which the user is entitled. It is therefore not necessary to install a new app for every form, task or workflow.

At the moment, the K2 Business Apps app is not available as a white label app, but nothing is impossible. Contact us to discuss the options.

The K2 Business Apps is available on the platforms iOS and Android.

The app can be used on both smartphones and tablets.