K2 Business Apps awarded by K2: Innovative New Product

November 20th, 2019

The winners of the annual K2 EMEA Awards were announced on Tuesday 19 November. These awards are presented to organizations recognized for delivering automation solutions using the K2 platform.

We are proud to announce Indocs has won the “Most Innovative New Product” award for K2 Business Apps!

“The process was highly competitive and made it quite a feat to determine a winner from so many deserving achievements worthy of recognition. In the end, the final selections were made based on several factors including approach, speed of development, functionality, innovation, complexity and overall business impact,” said Andrew Murphy, Vice President EMEA at K2.

K2 in a press release about the award:

Rather than offer K2 as it is, Indocs has extended its platform to add greater functionality especially in location services and mobile device capability. The solution Indocs has developed, using K2, initially for Ballast Nedam, is taking K2 into new markets and breaking new ground with potential customers.

screenshot k2 business apps

About K2 Business Apps

In 2016, Indocs started the development of a mobile app for K2 users: K2 Business Apps. K2 Business Apps provides the user with the ability to perform any K2 task at any location at any time.

The native app provides a real-time connection between colleagues outside and inside. K2 Business Apps makes it possible to view dashboards, complete tasks and send relevant object information such as photos and location data.

Moreover, the app offers the possibility to work offline. The app synchronizes local stored information at a chosen time.

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K2 Business Apps is currently being further developed. More functionalities will be added to ensure the app will be fully developed and meet the needs of the users in 2020.

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