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File Attachment



  • Name
  • Field
  • Data Type
  • Watermark
  • Tooltip
  • File Name
  • Allowed Types
  • Max Size


  • Show Information
  • Borderless


  • Width
  • Tab Index
  • Visible
  • Enabled
  • Read-Only
  • Format
  • Conditional Format



  • When the control raises an event
    • Changed

Special Features

The web.config file for the K2 runtime site holds the option to specify a maximum file size and a list of file types not supported by this control. These are supported by K2 Business Apps as well. Check K2’s documentation at:



When no file is selected, the watermark is shown. If a file is set it shows some information about the file and, if allowed, the option to remove the file. Tapping an empty control allows you to select a file from your file system. Tapping a control that holds a file either opens the viewer for that file or, if K2 Business Apps does not support the file type, allows you to pick an app to open the file with.

File Attachment on Android File Attachment on iOS


When a control holding a PDF or image file is tapped, the in-app viewer shows the file. If the PDF contains multiple pages, you can swipe left/right on the screen or use a slider at the bottom to navigate between the pages. You can pinch to zoom. Once zoomed in, you can pan over the page using one finger.

PDF Viewer on Android PDF Viewer on iOS