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This custom control is never shown but only contains methods and events that can be used in the app.


  • K2 Business Apps 1.2 or newer.



  • Name



  • When the control raises an event
    • On Download Tile Map Finished
      • This event is triggered when the action Download Tile Map is finished.


  • Download Data Source
    Downloads a data source so it can be used in offline mode.
  • Download Form Configuration
    Downloads the information about the available forms.
  • Download Tile Map
    Downloads a map that can be used in the Leaflet control.
  • Get Global Parameter
    Get a previously set global parameter.
  • Get Prefer Work Offline
    Returns whether the user currently wants to work offline.
  • Is App
    Returns true when executed in K2 Business Apps and false when executed in the browser.
  • Is Online
    Returns true when there is internet and the user settings allow us to use it.
  • New GUID
    Returns a new globally unique identifier.
  • Remove Global Parameter
    Deletes a global parameter.
  • Resize Image
    Allows you to resize a given image. The inputs are a K2 image (e.g. from the image attachment control) and the maximum dimension of the image. The output is a K2 image.
  • Set App Language
    Allows you to force the entire app to a certain language. You can provide either the LCID string or decimal found here. The languages supported are:

    • English (US)
    • Dutch (NL)
  • Set Draft Information
    Allows you to set the title and description of the current draft. Use this to differ between drafts created from the same template.
  • Set Global Parameter
    Creates a global parameter.
  • Set List View Layout
    Allows you to specify a custom layout for a list view by defining a grid and location for each control in the grid.
  • Set Prefer Work Offline
    Sets whether the user prefers to work in offline mode or online mode.
  • Set Project
    Sets the project the user is working on.
  • Subscribe To Notification Topic
    Allow you to subscribe someone to a certain notification topic.
  • Unsubscribe From Notification Topic
    Allows you to remove someone from a certain notification topic.