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A Leaflet control is custom control that allows you to show a map using a tile provider. On this map, you can zoom in and out, place, drag and filter markers and much more.


  • K2 Business Apps 1.2 or newer.



  • Name

Map Settings

  • Map
  • Start Zoom
  • Max Zoom
  • Tile Width
  • Tile Height

Plugin – Clustering

  • Show Coverage
  • Disable At Zoom

Plugin – Filtering

  • Tags

Markers – Data Source



  • When the control raises an event
    • Clicked
    • Done Adding A Marker
    • Done Dragging A Marker
    • Done Saving As Image
    • On Fly End
    • On Marker Click


  • Execute a control’s method
    • Center on Marker
    • Change Marker Icon
    • Change Marker Tags
    • Clear Markers
    • Create a Marker
    • Get Filters
    • Hide Markers
    • Load Markers
    • Save as Image
    • Set Filters
    • Show Markers

Special Features

The control in K2 Business Apps can be shown in two ways:

  1. When placed on a view normally, it will be shown as a button that, when clicked, opens a full screen version of the control showing the map.
  2. When the name of the control is appended with ” fullscreen” (without parenthesis, but including the space), the normal form is replaced by just the full screen version of this map.