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Items are sorted in order of importance and we will attempt to add these in that order. Changes can happen when e.g. bugs are reported or priorities change.

2.12 | May 2021

  • [F3924] K2BA control method to scroll to a view and/or control.
  • [F3820] Support for conditional formatting. (Text and background color and text weight)
  • [F3889] Show pull down to refresh spinner when list view is loading or refreshing and only show the image when there turn out to be no items.

2.11.5 | April 2021

  • [B3880] Text wrapping in (data)labels not always working correctly.
  • [B3933] Custom marker on Android no longer work.
  • [B3934] When a form is closed, the menu item forms stay disabled.
  • [B3935] Custom List View Layout on Android starts repeating items.
  • [B3947] Image Attachment watermark is not translated using the Set Language control.


  • [B3843] Camera live feed is no longer fixed on an iPad after closing and re-opening the app.
  • [B3842] Camera live feed on an iPad is not fullscreen.
  • [B3639] Data source wrongly filtered when filtering on data source field and transferring the result to a control using another data source.
  • [B3535] Changing the font color of a label shows the text in a smaller font on iOS.
  • [B3834] Login page losses its layout on iOS, when the device is rotated.
  • [B3836] Login entries are completely opaque on an iPad when login is pressed.
  • [B3561] Disabled textarea has a different padding than other controls.
  • [B3531] Show a message does not work when placed in an overridden init rule of a list view.
  • [B3532] Show a message does not work when placed in an overridden init rule of a subform.
  • [B3563] List View sorting not working when there are spaces in the column name.
  • [B3530] App keeps waiting for an internet connection when moving between access points while the app is active but the screen is off.
  • [B3670] Filter used when retrieving tasks is incorrect.
  • [B3615] App does not check form rights when clicking a notification.
  • [B3574] In app task notification is not removed when a task is actioned.
  • [B3818] Downloading logs for a user that has no logs shows an error in the workspace.
  • [B3691] Permissions are not saved correctly.
  • [B3608] Form deleted from K2 can still show in the app, but cannot be opened.
  • [B3533] Quickly clicking the security provider drop down before a custom logo is loaded results in the logo not being loaded.
  • [B3572] Expression “False” outputs “false”.
  • [B3688] Custom Theme doesn’t load correctly when the server is just started and the first user logs in


These items cannot be fixed at the time they are placed here due to third party dependencies.

  • [B2256] Leaflet control can end up with the max/min longitude in the center of the screen, blocking panning the map.
  • [B3716] Placeholder in Text Area on iOS has a different padding than its text and all other controls.
  • [B3833] Tiles are not always loaded when a screenshot is taken in the OnFlyEnd event.