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ToolBar Button



  • Name
  • Text
  • Tooltip


  • Icon


  • Tab Index
  • Visible
  • Enabled
  • Format
  • Conditional Format



  • When the control raises an event
    • Clicked



The text of a toolbar button is only shown when the K2 icon is set to “None” and no FontAwesome icon has been specified.


In version 2.0 and above, you can use FontAwesome icons as the icon for a toolbar button. In order to do so, you simply need to append the following to the name of the control: ” [fa|x|yyyy]”, where:

  • “x” needs to be replaced by one of the following values
    • “s” for the Solid icon set.
    • “r” for the Regular icon set.
    • “l” for the Light icon set.
    • “b” for the Brands icon set.
  • “yyyy” needs to be replaced by the icon code. FontAwesome codes can be found in their cheat sheet.

A sample toolbar button name is “toolBarButton1 [fa|l|f708]”.

The FontAwesome icon takes precedence over the K2 icon. Note that the default K2 icons are simple predefined icons FontAwesome icons.

Maximum amount of toolbar buttons

Using the K2 Business Apps workspace, you can specify the maximum amount of toolbar button that may appear on your form in the app. The default is two. When there are more that this amount, all toolbar buttons are removed from the form and an ellipsis is shown as a toolbar button. When tapped, all your toolbar buttons slide in from the right, over your form, thus allowing you to select one.


Two Toolbar Buttons

Two Toolbar Buttons on Android Two Toolbar Buttons on iOS

Four Toolbar Buttons

Four Toolbar Buttons on Android Four Toolbar Buttons on iOS

Four Toolbar Buttons on Android Four Toolbar Buttons on iOS