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SmartObject Interaction

  • Execute a method on the View
    • Collapse
    • Expand
    • In Error
    • Initialize
  • Execute a SmartObject method

Data Transfer

  • Populate a list control with data
  • Transfer data

Control Interaction

  • Set a control’s properties
  • Execute a control’s method

Workflow Interaction

  • Start a Workflow
  • Open a worklist item
  • Action a worklist item

Browser Interaction

  • Close the browser window

Subview Interaction

  • Close a subview or subform

Subform Interaction

  • Open a subform


  • Show a control
  • Hide a control
  • Enable a control
  • Disable a control
  • Enable a View
  • Disable a View
  • Expand a View
  • Collapse a View


  • Show a message

Rule Interaction

  • Execute another rule
  • Stop rule execution
  • Continue to next execution